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    Our expertise, as well as our passion for web design, sets us apart from other agencies.

    A 360 Degree Branding and Advertising Agency Strategizing branding solutions that work!

    As a Branding and Advertising Agency, SmartFish Designs offers its clients end-to-end branding and marketing solutions. Our expertise covers brand design and packaging design, visual communication design for print and digital outputs, advertising campaigns on social and print media as well as website design.
    With a strong footing in the branding industry, we believe in creating brands with strategies that work and designs that connect. Despite the myriad of digital marketing media, we keep in sync with the rapid changes. Our branding solutions are thoroughly researched, planned and creatively executed to deliver your vision of the brand to your customers. If you already have a brand, we’d love to audit it and understand what’s working for it and what isn’t. If it’s to be launched, we’d love to supplement it with brand collateral such as logos, packaging, photography, website design, advertising and marketing.

    An experienced and robust ‘full-service’ design agency, we apply our talent, technical expertise and consultancy experience to launch, grow and nurture brands. Fuelled by our four areas of expertise – DIGITAL, CREATIVE, SOFTWARE, & MARKETING, we’ve traversed beyond the Indian borders and moved to the USA, Spain, Italy and now, the UAE. We deliver optimal business results by continually evolving and revolutionizing our creative design processes.

    Backed by years of experience, we understand exactly what it takes to build and maintain successful brands.

    So while we don’t claim that our designs will change the world, they’ll certainly change the way the world sees your brand!

    Our Services Include

    Build a Brand


    LOGO Design

    An Appealing Logo Design Resonates With The Brand For Years To Come

    A good logo is your company’s identity. It contributes largely to the values and ideas that your brand holds and further makes a way into the heart of your target audience. This is where the SmartFish Designs Logo Design Team burns the midnight oil to understand your brand vision, target audience and brand story to create a compelling logo. Once the logo is done, you can also get in touch to design and print your company’s Business Card and Corporate Stationery.


    Brochure Design

    Brochures Designed well expand the business visibility.

    The value of a well-designed business brochure can never be estimated.
    With print and digital brochure options, our professional design team can create brochures that will create a lasting impression on your business. In a one-on-one client meeting, brochures never fail to convey the brand messages, services and its position in the market. With several well-designed brochures to our credit, the SmartFish Designs Brochure Design Team is experienced to deliver a full-service package to you. Along with graphic design, you can now leverage our Product Photography Services, Content Writing Services and/ or Printing jobs.



    An eco-friendly format of the classic print brochure. A modern tool for business communication and advertising, this is a great option for those who are wanting to navigate away from the classic Print Brochures. With great flexibility and effectiveness, E-brochures or Digital Brochures are popular on the virtue of their environment-friendly nature, and cost-effectiveness and are easy-to-modify options. If you already have a business brochure, the SmartFish Designs E-Brochure Design Team can convert your existing print brochures and catalogues specifically for publishing and sharing online. So if you have a ready brochure and wish to digitize it, we’d love to take you through the process of how to do it.

    Packaging Design

    Packaging Which Screams ‘Purchase!’ SmartFish Designs Packaging Design Team has a penchant for designing packaging which compels the buyers to purchase over other similar brands.
    Our list of services include
    Competition Study
    Brand Analysis
    Recognizing Brand Voice
    Vector-Based Design Layouts

    Business Stationery

    Accentuate Your Brand Identity With a complete set of customized and sleek Corporate Stationery, your brand can achieve subtle and exclusive communication. Our experienced design team can assist in designing a bespoke and seamless full package of corporate stationery. From Business Cards, PowerPoint Design, Email Signatures, Letterheads and Compliment Slips, we cover the entire corporate stationery package.

    Flyer Design

    The Low-Cost High Impact Advertising Tool
    A flyer is a great, inexpensive and effective means to reach a huge audience. A well-designed flyer can succinctly put across your brand’s vision while also arising curiosity and interest in your customers thereby taking them to the purchase journey.


    Creating Original Print And Signage Solutions
    Exhibition displays, Indoor Displays, Stall Designs and Posters are key players in attracting new customers and getting people to talk about your business. So whether you are looking to refresh your on-street placements, make a bold presence at exhibitions and events, reinforce your presence at your premises or simply add some brand communication through vehicles, we’ve got you. Our team of designers will conjure up the most eye-catching visuals that can become brilliant means of advertisements.

    Want to market your brand right?